Dialogue Forum 3: Our Wild, Our Climate: Ending Wildlife Trade and Habitat Exploitation in Post COVID-19

A policy forum on development and environmental challenges and policies to “bridge the gap” and “connect the dots” to create one big picture for better understanding and decision-making in the society

In times when society has become widened with gaps and differences of views and opinions, one issue could be escalated into a crisis if there are no platforms available for appropriate discussion among all concerned.

The media, while informing and inspiring their audience, could also take an educating and facilitating role to serve such a purpose, acting as a bridge and helping connect the dots into one big picture.

In collaboration with its partners and with the support of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (Thailand Office), Bangkok Tribune News Agency has come up with a monthly forum on issues of importance, under the project, “Dialogue Forum”.

This is to facilitate and provide a space for discussions and exchanges of dialogues and views on issues of importance especially in regard to social and environmental issues both in Thailand and the Mekong region, thus not only helping connect the dots but also forging understanding among the public and the parties concerned, encouraging them to find a common ground and seek solutions together.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, what has become clear in sight is the improved state of the environment worldwide. 

Since the governments have imposed restriction as well as lockdown measures in several parts of the world, the state of the environment in many areas, from the air to the oceans and to our forests, has improved significantly in the absence of human beings. Though temporary, this has suggested the way people can do for the environment, which deeply interconnects with their economy and lifestyle.

Scientists as well as economists worldwide have started to explore such the new path that leads to a more sustainable lifestyle and economy, and the ending of wildlife trade and habitatexploitation and One Health concept are strongly being called for, along with climate and green new deals.

Whether humans can turn this crisis into a golden chance to live in harmony with the natureagain is thus challenging and worth exploring here and worldwide.

The Dialogue Forum, a monthly forum by Bangkok Tribune and its partners to “bridge the gap” and “connect the dots” of different views and opinions as well as bits of information on social and environmental issues to create one big picture for better understanding in society, would cordially like to invite you to participate to explore the new proposals together in its Dialogue Forum 3: Ending Wildlife Trade and Habitat Exploitation in Post COVID-19, Our Wild, Our Climate (Green Post COVID-19 Theme).

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• To develop and introduce a new body of knowledge and innovation in regard to the independent, in-depth media to the public (Indie & In-depth)

• To empower public members to be able to keep up with any developments as well as repercussions in the society, as well as the role of the media in helping shape the society (Empowering)

• To promote participation in the development of such an innovative and independent media so that it can remain open and accessible to all (Open & Accessible)


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