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Indie • in-depth online news agency to “explain” and “inspire” people with constructive news reports on development and environmental policies in Thailand and the Mekong region, critical to public decisions, thus truly serving the public interest.

Over a year ago, it started from zero_the news agency, which we intended to utilize the advantage of online and social media platforms to expand the horizon of knowledge and inspiration, and more importantly, of freedom and independence from any influences.

Having been in the business for some time and seen how the media here have been under pressure and changed, the idea of creating a news agency, which is independent and in-depth is nothing out of touch for journalists who have experienced this.

Why? Because the more they work, the heavier the ceiling over their heads and imagination in conveying meaningful messages_to inform and inspire people, becomes.

Aside from political pressure which often shows itself up, the fierce contest and new pressure brought by rapid change of the media landscape has also manifested itself in a fall of revenues and a near-collapse of the industry.

The more they are knocked down, the lower the ceiling against journalists is, and the less meaningful messages are conveyed to people.

To say the least, the media here are struggling hard to survive. Without any freedom from such pressures, we would eventually have no journalistic integrity left.

So, the media here need to be set free from such pressures. They need to reclaim their independence and critical and constructive minds so that they can convey meaningful messages to people again. 

This is particularly critical when society is in a transition and needs to be well-informed and inspired. A new business model for the media industry is, therefore, desperately needed to offer us a chance.

Coming up with an idea to set up a so-called news social enterprise, for one, is nothing but to try to be free from all pressures.

As a social enterprise, it could draw revenues from various sources and means. Such a mixture of funding sources, ranging from patronage, public contributions, sponsorship, support, and others, becomes a hope for new types of revenues to support the enterprise (These are partly inspired by models from the Guardian).

Without any influences and commercial reliance, such a news social enterprise could be independent, being fully at its best of being critical and constructive as supposed to be.

It could then help “bridge the gaps”, and “connect the dots”, creating an in-depth and complete picture for people to see and understand better the situations they face, so they can make a thorough decision for their lives and society.

These are the reasons why we at Bangkok Tribune have been trying to materialise the idea of creating this kind of a news agency. From zero, some small pocket money collected, and the help of technology, it has proved that it’s possible for such a news agency to be set up.

So, we would like to invite you to join us in exploring more of a possibility in creating such an independent and in-depth news agency that can maintain critical and constructive minds with a mission to serve the public interest and deliver meaningful messages to the society.

Your support will definitely be valuable for this beginning time. We thank you in advance for your consideration and hope you will consider joining us on this mission.

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Best Regards,

Bangkok Tribune Editorial