FB LIVE Recording: Dialogue Forum 2 I Year 3: Weather Extremes?

A policy forum on development and environmental challenges and policies to “bridge the gap” and “connect the dots” to create one big picture for better understanding and decision-making in the society

This year, there have been reports of irregular weather events in many parts of the world. While Europe is facing severe drought that has caused several rivers in the continent to extensively dry up, several countries in Asia including Pakistan and Thailand are facing severe flooding. 

The incidents have prompted several climate experts to come up with serious observations and analyses that weather extremes caused by climate change have consequently arrived. The question is whether governments or people are ready to cope with them. 

The Dialogue Forum recently invited the public to delve into such a serious question and explore ways to cope with weather extremes and the changes in climate at the second forum of this year, Dialogue Forum 2 l Year 3: Weather Extremes?.

Watch the recording here.

The forum was organised by Bangkok Tribune, in collaboration with its partners; Decode.plus, The Citizen.plus, Thai SEJ, and SEA-Junction.