FB LIVE RECORDING: Dialogue Forum 4 I Year 3: From Glasgow to Egypt, COP 27 and Implications on Thailand’s Climate Policies and Actions

A policy forum on development and environmental challenges and policies to “bridge the gap” and “connect the dots” to create one big picture for better understanding and decision-making in the society

Over the course of two weeks or so from Nov 6-20 at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) held in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, the Parties of the Conference have attempted to fulfill what promised in Glasgow last year including the net-zero emissions to try to limit the temperature rise while curtaining climate impacts through various initiatives including the Loss and Damage deals. 

They have achieved some, including the new Loss and Damage fund, while failing several others, like phasing out fossil fuels.

As COP27 has come to a close with a mix of sucess and failure, the public was yesterday invited to decode what really promised and achieved (or not achieved), as well as the implications on the country’s climate policies and actions.

Watch the recording here.

The forum was organised by Bangkok Tribune in collaboration with its partners; Decode.plus, The Citizen.plus, Thai SEJ, and SEA-Junction.