What lie beneath?

From chit-chatting issues on social media, editors and writers of the book, 2018 Hot Environmental Issues on Social Media, have explored what lied beneath them.

The editor of the book notes: “The fate of 12 young footballers and their coach being trapped deep inside a cave in northern Thailand was a global sensation that kept the social media abuzz through the last half of 2018 and beyond. But what was the underlying reason that kept the cave untimely flooded and inaccessible, few people know or pay attention.

This e-book takes a look – from a different angle – at five news events that were trending in 2018 in the social media to try to understand the underlying cause or issue of each.

Besides the above-mentioned “cave boys” story, the others include the tycoon and the hunt of the black leopard, plastic waste and its marine preys, the growing of food with chemicals, and the growing of trees for profit and the climate.

While the year 2018 is behind us and so far the 2020 is dominated by the invasion of a novel coronavirus known as Covid-19, the stories and their underlying causes will remain relevant and their solutions are still to be found.”

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