992.4 km away from Home to say No to Chana model city

Since the “Daughter of Chana”, 17-year-old Jana-born Khairiyah Rahmanyah first staged a small group protest in front of Songkhla Provincial Hall in the mid of the year to oppose the planned public hearing for the Chana model city, Chana residents have lost counts now how many times they have rallied against the project.

In spite of growing calls for the project to be scrapped following its likely adverse impacts and illegitimate procedures, the government had hardly paid attention to their calls, but instead, pushed forward the project with the latest attempt to modify the city planning to pay way for the industrial development in their communities.

Chana residents, therefore, once again have staged another protest in a hope the government would hear their pleas.

This time, they have travelled to Bangkok and been camping there for six straight days, hopefully the government would listen to their calls.

Giant steeled containers had been placed between them and Government House upon their arrival before being removed just yesterday.

Government representatives then came to meet them and negotiate, but no body is certain whether the government this time would really listen to them, and how many more times they have to stage a protest to make their voices heard.

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Chana residents who travelled for over 900 km to Bangkok to stage the latest protest still have good morale and spirit although sleeping next to giant containers barring them from entering Government House. (Photo: Sayan Chuenudomsavad)
#SAVE CHANA was painted on the camping site. (Photo: Sayan Chuenudomsavad)
Rubber dolphin dolls, popular duck dolls, and several other items were given to Chan residents by young anti-government protesters to use in their protest. (Photo: Sayan Chuenudomsavad)
Barbed wires are also placed to block the protesters besides the containers, on which the protesters paint their sea and fish to kill time. (Photo: Sayan Chuenudomsavad)
Chana residents bring photos of their communities and livelihoods to Bangkok to show people how fertile their fishing grouns are. (Photo: Sayan Chuenudomsavad)
992.4 km is the distance that Chana residents have travelled from home to protest against the project this time. There is only 50 meters that they can reach Government House. (Photo: Sayan Chuenudomsavad)
The giant containers were removed yesterday after the government representatives came to meet them at the campsite to negotiate. (Photo: Sayan Chuenudomsavad)
A symbolic play at the campsite. (Photo: Sayan Chuenudomsavad)
Talks and discussions about their plights are organised at the campsite for people to learn. (Photo: Sayan Chuenudomsavad)
Chana residents pray in the evening, 992.4 km away from home. (Photo: Sayan Chuenudomsavad)
While praying in the evening, they coincidentally turn to Government House, but no body is there and nobody is certain whether any one would hear their prays. (Photo: Sayan Chuenudomsavad)