FB LIVE RECORDING: Dialogue Forum 5 I Year 2: From Paris to Glasgow, the Climate Turning Point?

A policy forum on development and environmental challenges and policies to “bridge the gap” and “connect the dots” to create one big picture for better understanding and decision-making in the society

In August, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) launched the first part of its periodical Sixth Assessment Report or AR6 to assess the state of the world’s climate. The UN’s top post, Antonio Guterres, called it, “a code red for humanity”.

Besides stark and stunning sets of information that wake people up to the climate reality and its impacts that could last for centuries, the report has also painted a shocking picture on the rising temperature, pointing that if nothing is done the world could pass the 1.5 degree Celsius threshold in the next 20 years!

According to the UNFCCC’s latest report on the voluntary cuts on GHGs known as Nationally Determined Contributions or NDCs, the world is on a catastrophic pathway to 2.7C by the end of this century. To limit the rise to 1.5C, a 45 per cent cut in emissions is needed by 2030 and zero emissions by 2050.

The commitments by countries to date, the organisation noted, imply an increase of 16 per cent in GHG emissions, on a contrary. Other sticking points concern adaptation and financing, under which $100 billion a year for “climate action” in developing countries is needed, as well as funding for adaptation to at least 50 per cent of total public climate finance expenditure.  

According to the UNFCCC, adaptation costs in the developing world are estimated at around $70 billion a year, and they could raise as much as $300 billion by 2030.   

Countries are now negotiating at the ongoing UN Climate Change Conference or COP26 in Glasgow, the UK. It remains to be seen what the final deal out of the Conference would be like as well as its implications for countries including Thailand for years to come.

The Dialogue Forum, which opens a space for such critical discussion, recently invited the public to explore the ongoing climate negotiations that can make or break the global deal and people’s future at Dialogue Forum 5: From Paris to Glasgow, the Climate Turning Point? It is part of the forum series on COP26, under which Dialogue Forum 6: Implications on Global and Thailand’s Climate Policies, will be held on December 2.

Check the video out.

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The forum was organised by Bangkok Tribune, in collaboration with its partners; SEA-Junction, Thai SEJ, Decode.plus of Thai PBS.