EVENT: MAEW 2022: “Beyond the Game of Cat and Mouse”

2022 is the fourth year for Mekong-ASEAN Environmental Week. The platform, known as “MAEW”, was first created to be an open space for activists in Southeast Asia to express environmental and related concerns. MAEW organisers believe that the voices, demands, and proposals of the people from the big cities to the small villages are the key to a better future for the region

MAEW 2022: “Beyond the Game of Cat and Mouse” will happen throughout September. It is a combination of on-site and online activities that will not only relate to the environment, natural resources, and livelihood issues in the region, but also links to the fault plans and solutions with business and geo-political driven that only result in the worsening environmental and livelihood situation for the region.

With various activities, actions, and participation of the regional/international activists and public, MAEW 2022 aims to raise the question of whose side the people think they are on in this game of “cat and mouse” in the region, looking at the domestic and cross-border issues we are facing.

Finally, how we can all act and react in pursuit of something better beyond the game that we do not want to play?

Find the most updated #MAEW 2022 program @ https://issuu.com/maew2022/docs/_23_aug